About Nosk

The story of Nosk started in Korea where Mr. Joung Jin-gu who was a successful businessman unfortunately was diagnosed with severe asthma and acute respiratory disease. He then realized the importance of breathing freely and immediately started working towards this product. After years of hard work he released his award-winning invention “Nosk” in 2007 which immediately made him an international inventor.

Nosk is an award winning nasal filter registered with CE and FDA in USA. This small, coin sized product is already registered in PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and has made Patent applications in the US, China, Japan, India, Taiwan. The nose filter was chosen as one of the most innovative products in the world’s three largest trade fairs for inventor’s – The Innovation and New Product Exposition (INPEX) in Pittsburg, The international trade fair for “Ideas- Inventions- New Products” (iENA) in Nuremberg and The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. At INPEX 2007, it won Best Invention of the Far East, a gold medal in the environmental field and a bronze medal in the health and fitness field.

Nosk was developed and designed with top Ear, Nose and Throat specialists to provide a natural aid to reduce the inhalation of dust, smoke and allergens. Nosk provides natural relief to its users as it is a chemical free product. Twin, soft nasal filters gently slip into the nostrils to help block the harmful PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles from entering your lungs. Nosk’s comfortable and ergonomic design coupled with its virtually invisible skin colored thin plastic frame and demonstrated performance makes it an ideal solution for you to save yourself from the harmful effects of pollution.


Information: PCT Patented PCT/KR2007/001778

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