Where to use Nosk

It is CE FDA approved and helps us protect upto 96.3% from Pm2.5. It is designed as bikers mask, jogger’s mask and even when one is working in offices he/she can wear it to protect from indoor pollution

Practically Anywhere- Wherever there is pollution, smoke or dust!

Whether you are outdoors for a walk/jog in a park or commuting on road or just sitting in your balcony enjoying the winter sun and relaxing, now you can protect yourself from unhealthy air.

It is a great friend for indoor activities as well– So the next time you wish to clean your dusty artefact or your swanky ride – Use Nosk to shield yourself from dust!

It is your companion even in non-polluted locations – like in a hilly area/forest- when you are around a bonfire!

Apart from pollution its other uses are-

  • Going to places like deserts where there is much more risk of sand/dust entering the nose.

  • Hobbies like wood work, pottery or gardening etc where there is a risk of splinters or particles going inside the nasal cavity.

  • While doing/supervising activities like tree pruning or lawn mowing.

  • During pollen/hay-fever season.

Did we mention ?

Its skin colored plastic frame holds it securely in place so you can talk, eat and drink while it’s on?

Please note –

Since it is a chemical free product it CANNOT remove odour.
Nosk is only designed to help you protect from pollution, smoke and dust by blocking harmful particles.
It is not meant to treat any medical condition/disease.

This product is patented in India. Imitation of this is a punishable offence.